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Express Treatments
"Heaven in 7" Massage: Seven minutes of super relaxing massage for your Back, Neck and Shoulders  $10
"Upper Body Deluxe" Massage: Give your whole upper body a relaxing break.  Twelve minutes of massage for your Back, Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Hands and Scalp.  $15

"Walking on Air" Foot Massage: A ten minute massage of both feet that will leave you feeling like you are walking on air.  Finishes with a refreshing spritz or soothing lotion.  $15

"The Crown" Massage: Twelve minutes of massage for your Scalp and Face.  Great for Headaches and Sinus problems or just to relax.  $15

"Cloud 9": A fifteen minute treatment on both feet that will leave you feeling like you are floating on a cloud.  Balances your energy and gives you a sense of peace.  $20
"Body and Sole": A combination of the twelve minute "Upper Body Deluxe" and the ten minute "Walking on Air" foot massage.  Twenty-two minutes of pure Bliss!  An amazing deal!!  $27
"Super Deluxe" Targeted Massage: Twenty minutes of targeted, relaxing massage for those areas that need extra attention.  $30
"The Ultimate" Targeted Massage: When twenty minutes isn't enough, thirty minutes of targeted, relaxing massage done on a massage table with oils.  For those areas that need even more attention.  $40


* We will travel to teach these classes and also schedule them periodically throughout the year in Boone, NC.  If you have a group that is interested in taking one of these classes or are interested in joining a class that is forming, please let us know.

Stress Management: Learn to recognize, reduce and manage your stresses.  Techniques will be taught to help you become more aware of where your stresses come from.  You will also learn how to reduce the amount of stress in your life and it's effects on your mind, body and spirit.  Class length is 2.5 hours.  Cost is $50/person in advance, $60 on day of class.  Class size must be 5 people min. - 10 people max.

Couples' Back, Neck, Shoulders and Head Massage: Couples will learn techniques for giving each other massages at home.Basic set-up, body mechanics and massage techniques will be taught.You will learn techniques for the Back, Neck, Shoulders and Head.Not for professional certification.Price is for each couple (2 people).  Class length is 3 hours.  Cost is $120/couple in advance, $140 on day of class.  Class size must be 2 couples min. - 6 couples max.

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